Here’s are some quotes borrowed from beautiful important and/or famous people who know a little about music to help further justify Tommi Zender’s musical existence. New quotes will be added, so feel free to submit yours regarding recordings, live music performance or music teaching. If they’re really nice (or funny) we might publish them here… where they they can linger in semi-obscurity!


“…a talented craftsman with an appealing wit and energy.”

-Jim Derogatis, Chicago Sun Times

“…a fertile union of sonics and sentiment… Zender clearly uses music as a means to connect to the world and people around him.” – Jeff Elbel, Illinois Entertainer, from “More Songs About Time” review (8 out of 10)

“ The best record released in 1999 that I didn’t hear until 2000.”
-Richard Milne, WXRT Chicago on Trinkets of Joy “Just Like Mom Used to Make”

“Apart from being maddeningly gifted on just about any instrument you put in front of him, Tommi Zender is a keen-eared sonic sculptor and an ace tunesmith to boot. He oozes music.”
-Dag Juhlin (Poi Dog Pondering, Expo ’76)

“I think Tommi’s the kind of musician who could coax a tune out of a pile of rocks!”   -Arlo Leach, Music Educator

“ A wonderfully layered, fully polished indie-rock gem.”
-Amazon customer review of “Will Work For Harmony”

“Tommi Zender is one of the finest musicians I know, if not the most
eclectic. Pretty kick-ass songwriter too. And if he doesn’t release his
second (or third) album by the end of this year, I’m going to kick his ass.”
-Chris Greene, notorious Chicago saxophonist 



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