Echo Chambers in The Hall of Mirror (lyric video)

Something to Hide (Tz & band @ SPACE, Evanston IL, summer 2019)

Stangers & Passersby (Tz band @ SPACE, record release More Songs About Time, 2019)

Black Maria (Todd Rundgren encore @ SPACE, Evanston IL, MSAT record release 2019)

Cello Song (Nick Drake cover, solo acoustic @ Wine Goddess, Evanston IL, fall 2019)

Seen Too Much, Forgotten Too Little (solo acoustic @ Friendly Tap, fall 2019)

“Bron-y’Aur” (Led Zepellin cover, solo acoustic)

“I Only Have Eyes For You” -Tommi Zender solo, Hoot Night @ The Hideout, summer 2013

“The Knuckleball Suite” – Peter Mulvey w/Tommi Zender, SPACE, Evanston IL




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