Spring Old Town School Classes and…

Hey! It’s been a while since I’ve broadcasted here. Stef Folk and I got married! We had planned to for quite a while. It was also a great way to say “fuck you” to 2020, so we did it right before New Years. Yayyyy, love wins. 😉 I haven’t been on social media so far in 2021 and there are no shows or new recordings to promote. It’s been a year since I last performed (a really fun show with Steve Dawson in Feb 2020 before the PANDAMMIT). I’m still teaching classes at Old Town School of Folk Music online, until it’s safe to be back in the classrooms. You don’t have to be in Chicagoland to take classes, songbags & workshops. Try one! They are fun and a great way to learn, be musical & stay somewhat social while we are navigating toward the post-PANDAMMIT.

The next session starts Tuesday March 2nd. Here is my menu:


Beatles Acoustic (Tues 6:30 – a mix of John, Paul, and George Beatles & solo years)

Guitar Forever (Tues 8pm – a smorgasbord of tunes!)

Folk Rock Acoustic (Wed 6:30 – a fun mix of eras and artists)

British Rock Acoustic (Wed 8pm – 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s!)

Neil Young Acoustic Songbook (Sat 1pm, sideburns not included)

also…some new skills classes:

Creative Scale Practice 1 (Tues 5-6pm)

Creative Scale Practice 2: Chords & Modes (Wed 5-6pm)

Sign up here:  https://www.oldtownschool.org/teachers/Tommi-Zender/

Workshops & Songbags:

Mid-Winter Beatles Songbag – Fri Feb 19, 7:30pm

British Rock Songbag -rescheduled from January! Friday March 19, 7:30pm

Fretboard Geography Workshop – Sunday April 11, 1pm

Springtime Beatles Songbag – Friday April 16, 7:30pm


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